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Introducing: Crooked Forest

Bridge: Thanks for sitting down with us! Let’s start by having you give a little insight into your journey through the music scene… CF: I’m still reasonably new to it. I started by producing my own music and putting out a 3-song EP in July 2020 called “A Quiet Place […]


Getting To Know Artist And Activist, Urban Persevere

Raised on the Southeast side of Chicago, Urban grew up surrounded by drug addiction and poverty. Although his stepfather was an active parent, his mother struggled to provide an acceptable home for him and his siblings. Sadly, when he was only ten years old, DCFS removed him, his two brothers, and his infant sister from the home and placed him in the care of his grandmother. She then cared for Urban and his siblings throughout grade school into high school.



High-octane and soulful, new Canadian artist, Cmagic5 has been at this “music thing” for a while. As a child, this vocal powerhouse was humming before she learned to walk or talk. She began performing in musical theater, dance and vocal performances at the age of four and has been non-stop […]


Introducing: Carameladora

Breakout artist, Carameladora, who hails from Bucharest, began making music in 2019 when she first learned how to use a DAW. For readers that don’t know, a DAW stands for “Digital Audio Workstation.” A music production program that allows users to record audio on a personal computer. She then began […]


Five Minutes With Artist ZSZF

Bridge: Tell our readers who you are and what you’re about ZSZF: I’m always up for the challenge to turn a listener into a fan. To me the term “rising star” doesn’t  begin to capture my overwhelming potential and noteworthy lyrical skills. Being a native of Miami is obvious in […]