Alt-Pop Rising Star Hariz Releases New Single ‘I Don’t Trust You Yet’

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If you haven’t heard of Hariz yet, you soon will.

The 25-year-old Los Angeles-based artist is a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist who is about to take the pop world by storm.

Hariz brings a lifetime of classical training to the genre to usher in a fresh, uplifting energy to the music scene.

At 17, Hariz achieved the “Highest Tier of National Ranking” from the Classical Musical Association. After years of quietly sharpening a signature style, he became the 2016 recipient of the ASCAP Harold Adamson Lyric Award in Pop Music. A year later, he unveiled his breakthrough single “OVRBRD.” It organically occupied real estate on top playlists and racked up over 3 million cumulative Spotify streams between the original version and the Zookëper remix. In addition to his expert musicianship, his clever lyricism provokes the thoughts of the listener and connects them to the message of each song.

His latest single, “I Don’t Trust You Yet” is no exception.

Hariz - releases new single "I Don't Trust You Yet"
“I Don’t Trust You Yet” (2022)

HARIZ has described his new single as “Trust is the basis of any relationship, and once it’s lost it’s really hard to get back and open yourself up to trust that person again”. An accurate assessment of what he really wants his song to sound like and mostly feel like in a very assuring way. Trying to map his way out of his thoughts and speaking his heart out, it’s the only time we can see him indulge in exploring his thoughts without worrying. He devotes himself to reality making love and relationships feel as real as they get. 

He adds, “When you listen, I hope you realize that someone else understands what you might be going through,” he leaves off. “So many people don’t feel heard. As long as you can feel heard in my songs, that’s all I’m asking for.”  

Check out “I Don’t Trust You Yet” available everywhere now.

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