Exclusive World Premiere Of LA Five-Piece Sleeptalk’s “Dripping Colors” Music Video

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It’s here. The music video for your favorite song about an acid trip: Sleeptalk’s “Dripping Colors.”

The Los Angeles quintet, consisting of Anthony Fitzpatrick, Justin Melchor, Jason Fitzpatrick, Paul McGill and Malik Dugan, have more than paid their dues in recent years.

Like many of us, the band found their success and upward movement halted during the pandemic that all but shut the doors on the music industry.

But they never gave up.

The boys rallied together in 2021 in Joshua Tree, CA. to create full-length album. “Alot of the inspiration came from sleeping in an RV day in day out in the middle of nowhere with just the homies and no time constraints. We were able to really experiment in a multitude of sounds and tones that really played a big part in the album.”

Led by layers of upbeat pop-tinged instrumentals and smooth vocals, “Dripping Colors” is inspired by the inexplicable feeling of an acid trip, where “ it felt as if all of my bodies vibrations were shifting from mine into hers. It was one of those experiences that cannot be explained but was felt throughout. This song is about that <3.” This first track leads you into an album that will take you through a memorable summer with meaningful tunes to hold on to. 

Sleeptalk Drown in a Rainbow
Sleeptalk “Drown In A Rainbow” 2022

Over the last 5 years, the band has been streamed over 2.1 million times, been featured on various MTV shows, Alternative Press, Paste Magazine and has received radio play from the World Famous KROQ, Out of Order by Ted Stryker and Idobi Radio to name a few. Sleeptalks ever-changing sound over the years has earned them 30,000 + followers across all social media outlets.

With a sound that can easily go toe-to-toe to bands like Blink 182, Angels and Airwaves, and The 1975, Sleeptalk shows no signs of slowing down.

Follow the band on socials below for the latest news, shows and releases.

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