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Five Minutes with Nashville Artist, Athxna

Bridge: Thank you for taking the time to chat with us Athxna! Go ahead and tell our readers who you are!

Athxna: Nashville singer, songwriter, and recording artist, Athxna,who has a unique voice like you’ve never heard before. With her bold vocals and insane range, Athxna has a perfect mix of blues and pop that you can cry and dance to.

Bridge: I love the confidence! So would you say music has always been your main mode of expression?

Athxna: Absolutely! I have been playing music since I was five years old. It all started with the piano, and it’s honestly the best way for me to deal with my day-to-day emotional struggles. I am really open about my mental struggles and music has been a friend and therapist to me my whole life.

Bridge: Absolutely, so cathartic! What does that songwriting process look like for you?

Athxna: Gosh…is chaos a good term? (Laughs). I really just do what feels right, whether that be starting with a simple tune on the piano or when I write lyrics/poetry; It just depends.

Bridge: Let’s go back a little. How has your past, your family or upbringing or education, affected the music you’re making today?

Athxna: Music is my only personality trait and I accept that (laughs) My grandmother and her mother were both pianists and my parents are both very into music and I grew up with music being the thing that brought us together. I am also a working professional in the music industry and have a degree in the music industry and business, I made it my whole life.

Bridge: “Music is my only personality trait” made me crack up! (laughs) I’m sure there is much more depth than that.

So, tell us a little about your last single, what did that release mean to you?

Athxna: “Alley Cat Man” is hands down my FAVORITE song I have ever worked on. I have been working on this song for over five years and I am so glad it’s finished and out there. I usually don’t put my own music on when I want to listen to something but with this one I do!

Bridge: What do you want people to take away from your music?

Athxna: I want my music to feel nostalgic to people who like the blues and pop, I want people to want to get intimate with my music playing in the background, I want people to connect deeply with the lyrics and the tune.

Bridge: Having listened to your music, I can say it does just that! Your vocals alone are soaked in nostalgia.

I’m curious, which artists would you say inspire you the most?

Athxna: Ella Fitzgerald, Amy Winehouse, and Lana Del Rey

Bridge: We always like to end on a fun question…If you had to pick any song to be the soundtrack of your life what would it be?

Athxna: “What Are You Doing New Years Eve” by Ella Fitzgerald, it’s such a romantic song. <3


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