Indie-Pop Band New Friends Release New Single, ‘Ricochet’

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Ontario indie-pop band New Friends are back with the third single from their upcoming EP, Camaro, the most honest and vulnerable collection of songs the band has written thus far.

Ricochet,” their latest release, centres on the experience of surrendering to the control of a past lover. Its upbeat production and bright guitars juxtapose the destabilizing experience of bouncing around emotionally trying to understand what this person really wants and why they have such a hold on you.

New Friends - release new single "ricochet"
New Friends (2022)

Inspired by a vintage car commercial from the ’80s, New Friends collaborated with their tour videographer Connor Scheffler on the music video for “Ricochet,” who also shot the video for their most recent single, “Waste My Time.”

New Friends, went viral with the very first song they ever recorded, “Purple Candy,” when they were practically strangers — now at 5.5 million streams and counting — scattered to their respective homes during Covid, recorded and released more songs, then won Slaight Music’s life-changing It’s Your Shot contest. The resulting EP, Camaro, was recorded with the $100,000 studio and promotion prize.

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