Indie Rock Band Watson Releases New EP ‘Place In Space’

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Indie Rock band, WATSON is thrilled to release their new EP Place in Space that is out now

WATSON singer/lyricist Christina and guitarist/co-songwriter Damon Watson comprise a brother/sister duo anchoring their eponymous quintet, also featuring Louis Courts on guitar, Jace Jensen on bass and Sam Ward on drums. The Watson siblings channel a built-in friendship to create lyrically conscientious and melodically memorable soundscapes with message and melody that linger long after first listen. 

Watson - band releases new EP "place in space"

Music with a message may be a trite descriptor these days, but with WATSON it bursts anew on a scene cluttered with happy-go-lucky indifference. This observant, seasoned duo – they’ve been playing and studying music since childhood – and their equally well-schooled bandmates deliver meaningful and topical material that sings without preaching. Songs such as inaugural single “Place In Space,” about abandoning toxic relationships, and the new video-supported single “Marshmallow Land,” a piercingly haunting condemnation of corporate-driven environmental irresponsibility, underscore the band’s beautiful and earnest perspective. 

Weird dreams, the trials and tribulations of anxiety, growing up in new york city, the disillusionment of being gen-z, climate change, social media, societal standards, heartache, hope, fear….These are all elements that come together in the songs that sister/brother act Christina and Damon Watson of ‘Watson’ write together. Come along for the ride and experience the whimsical world they have created inside their music.

Place in Space  is available at here

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