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Jake Cochran And Patrick Morris Collaborate, Set To Release Dreamy Single, “Good Dog”

Drummer Jake Cochran of Illiterate Light and Patrick “ Donawa” Morris of The MOBROS have collaborated on a new project, DONAWA, to create something fresh, different, and pleasing to the ears. Coupled with thematic melodies and soft and nuanced vocals with beautiful rhythmic cadence, “Good Dog” highlights the beauty in simplicity.

This writer has listened to “Good Dog” no less than ten times since it came across my desk. An instant dose of feel-good nostalgia, Good Dog is a Jack Johnson-eque, emotionally dreamy track, somber yet hopeful and much like man’s best friend, eager to please.

DONAWA says of the song: “Good Dog imbues longing and loyalism. It uses the idea of unconditional love and bonding that is often associated with man’s best friend. There is a melancholy air to the song, it mixes somber with sweet, yet it is hopeful.

Keep an eye out for “Good Dog,” dropping 11.21.21 via Conscious Pilot

Terah Lynnhttps://www.instagram.com/terahlynnofficial/?hl=en
Terah Lynn is the Editor-In-Chief of Bridge Music Magazine in Nashville, TN.

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