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Monica Lionheart Drops “Bodega Beat”

Brooklyn-based electro-pop singer-songwriter Monica Ginestre, better known by her stage name Monica Lionheart, drops new album, Bodega Beat-a masterful blend of reggaeton and trap.

The Berklee College of Music graduate has been the front woman for several successful bands before going solo. Billboard music referred to Lionheart as “the band’s secret weapon” during her time with the electro-rock band “Zigmat”

She toured with the band through Europe and was featured on National Spanish radio as well as in Vanity Fair and Blender.

Pop Matters magazine called Monica’s first solo album Indian Summer “a compelling debut, worthy of revisiting time and again.”

“Bodega Beat” is certified fresh and guaranteed to please. Check it out at the link below and follow Monica Lionheart for more spirited jams!

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