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Thursday, May 19, 2022

One Dead, 16 Injured At Dallas Concert Shooting Sunday

Dallas, Texas – A shooting at a southeast Dallas outdoor concert has left one dead and at least 16 injured over the weekend.

Off duty Dallas officers were working security at the event when the 16 people were shot. Chief Eddie García said the event didn’t have a permit and the seven off-duty officers shouldn’t have been working at the outdoor gathering.

The shooting broke out in Oak Cliff about 11:30pm when one person discharged his weapon into the air, leading to an argument. Another person then fired into the crowd.

So far, no arrests have been made pending investigation of the tragedy. “People coming to an event should worry about enjoying themselves, not to have fear that they won’t make it home,” García said. “We will have challenging days as a city, and this was one of them, but we also need the community to trust us.”

L.D. Brandon
L.D. Brandon is the Assistant Editor for Bridge Music Magazine. He is based in Dallas, Texas.

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