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Spotlight On Singer, Songwriter, Producer, “Vthatguy”

Vthatguy is singer, songwriter and producer who creates songs in the R&B / Soul genre.V’s musical journey began in the fourth grade when he started to play drums. He later moved on to the sax and guitar.  After earning his college degree in music, V continued writing songs and performing in clubs throughout New York and New Jersey.  He then learned how to produce and mix songs and built his own studio.  The songs on V’s latest album were inspired by the wide range of experiences in his life.  “Do You Wanna,”

“Just One Night” and “She’s Got It Real Bad” are fantastic songs that are both memorable and radio-ready. Vthatguy is a talented artist and producer.  For fans of Ne-Yo, Usher and Akon, Vthatguy should be in added to your playlist ASAP.

The future is bright for V not only as an artist and songwriter but also as a producer.  

L.D. Brandon
L.D. Brandon is the Assistant Editor for Bridge Music Magazine. He is based in Dallas, Texas.

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