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Aria Releases New Single ‘A Christmas Letter”

The new release for Aria (aka Mariano Schiavolini) is A Christmas Letter. This stirring, heartfelt track reinforces love and connectedness...

Singer/Songwriter Amber Nadine Releases New Single “Snowglobe”

Pennsylvanian-born Amber Nadine began singing and songwriting in her teens and hasn't looked back.

Kelly Monrow: The Art Of Authenticity

Singer, songwriter and actress, Kelly Monrow is a woman of many talents...being unapologetically authentic is one of them.

London Pop Trio New Hope Club Continues Their Rise To The Top With Multi-Releases

London pop-trio New Hope Club have come a long way since the group's debut catapulted them to stardom.

R&B Sensation Saneit Releases Sensual New Music Video ‘Nothing Like Them’

Independent R&B sensation, Saneit returns with an alluring music video “Nothing Like Them” (Produced by Hitman Audio) via YouTube on Friday, November 18, 2022.

Taylor Swift Continues Billboard Chart Reign For Fourth Week In A Row

For yet another week, Taylor Swifts "Midnights" holds the No. 1 spot on the Billboard 200 charts.

L.A. Based ‘Love Ghost’ Drops New Single ‘Homesick’

L.A.-based group, Love Ghost, just dropped their latest single, "Homesick". Homesick is an emo, acoustic rock sound with a modern twist.

Jay Leno Returns To Comedy Stage After Suffering Third-Degree Burns

The comedian returned to the stage this week just 2 weeks after suffering excruciating third-degree burns to his face and hands that left him in the hospital for 6 days.


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