The Phil Mitchell Band Releases “Chicago Holiday”

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The members of the Indie rock band, The Phil Mitchell Band came together in 2004 with a common goal; to win over the hearts of music lovers from all walks of life. Each artist hailing from Chicago, they have embraced the traditions of music to create masterful and complex works that have earned them fans from all over the world.

Phil Mitchell, the namesake for the band, isn’t just an accomplished singer and songwriter, he’s also a published author. He released his debut book, “The Living Spring” in 2018 to rave reviews. The book is centered on inspirational quotes on life and the world around us. Mitchell has authored more than 70 original quotes in addition to three albums. His love and talent in writing has spanned many mediums and has received glowing reviews from music and book reviewers alike.

Courtesy of The Phil Mitchell Band

Their most recent release, “Chicago Holiday” is the fifth album from the Band.  This is what Sleeping Bag Studios had this to say about one of the tracks on the project “Across The Danube”

“From the skillful instrumentation and the intricate complexities that create such engaging & interesting sound to listen to – Phil Mitchell Band’s “Across The Danube” is a shining example of how music is able to transport us from where we are, to somewhere else entirely through the cleverness of songwriting. Right around the 2:30 mark, you’ll feel that shift in the sound of “Across The Danube” reach straight into the light from the darkness, and burst open with radiantly uplifting vibes, colorful music, and wild solos. A highly expressive song that gets right to the heart of our interests through a story of life at its most intense & extreme – “Across The Danube” is a breathtakingly real experience & bold emotional odyssey.”

It is clear that The Phil Mitchell Band will continue to emerge as key players in the side of the music industry occupied by the stylistically unique. Those artists that dive into the depth of tradition with honor and yet still surface with something wonderfully eclectic.

Follow The Phil Mitchell Band on social media for the latest news and check out “Chicago Holiday” out now!

Courtesy of The Phil Mitchell Band

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