Tyler Boone Is Leaving No Stone Unturned

It’s been one year since we’ve sat down with artist and entrepreneur, Tyler Boone, and that is far too long. We caught up with the Renaissance Man to see how his empire is coming along…

Bridge: Singer, songwriter, entrepreneur and advocate for artists!I want to dive into each of these things!

Let’s start with Artist Formula, give us the low down, what was your vision in starting that?

Tyler: Thank you for asking! I started Artist Formula in 2017 with my friend Sean Carpenter whom I met when I moved to Nashville. I was opening up for an artist Sean was managing at the time (Will Hoge) and we became buds shortly after.

When we started the company I was also co-managing Southern Rock legends “Drivin N Cryin” and my biggest goal with them was to fix their internet presence such as Spotify, Instagram, YouTube, TiKTok, Reels & Distribution deals, etc… 

The methods of Artist Formula are also the same methods how I marketed & presented myself as an artist. It’s been almost 4 years and the company has exploded. We’ve worked with thousands of artists, most of the major labels & plenty of indie labels at this point & our goal is to keep growing my offering the best label services with the best boutique music distribution we can offer. 

Bridge: And playlist placement, it is an extremely important tool to get music out there, I’ve noticed yous have a ton of fast-growing playlists right now, don’t you?

Tyler: We sure do! It is such a competitive space in the “Playlisting World”. At one point I owned the biggest “Indie Rock” list but I’ll soon again I’ll have the biggest Indie Rock, Hot Country, Soft Pop Hits & Bluesy list that’s a 3rd party. We create these all with social ads & we also teach artists how to do this for themselves. It’s such an incredible tool if you can create active lists on your own. Hit us up if you’d like to learn!

Bridge: I read that this year AF has started offering label advances! What all does that entail?

Tyler: Label Advances is a new & incredible service we offer. As long as the artist has some kind of revenue history, we can plug you into our algorithm & offer you an advance. This is not a loan & you can use the funds for anything you’d like. 

We also encourage you to keep releasing music and each time you release another record, we’ll release more of the funds.

Bridge: Any other hidden gems in the business that we should know about?

Tyler: One of our biggest services is social media verification and we only offer this to musicians & artists. We also offer 2 incredible programs to grow either an unverified or verified IG profile. Instagram is one of the most used social profiles for artists, it’s a major focus for most of our artists.

Bridge: And now to Boone’s Bourbon, it’s blowing up! Tell us some of the rich history there….

Tyler: Thank you for asking! I launched this brand in 2018 in my hometown of Charleston, SC with the Striped Pig Distillery and in just under 4 years the brand has exploded…we are now in 24 states & soon to be all 50. Our recent awards are being named a Top 6 Bourbon in the World in Forbes, Platinum Los Angeles, Double Gold New York, Gold Las Vegas, Silver Denver & with mentions in Rolling Stone, Billboard & American Songwriter. We also recently sponsored Metallica, Jam in the Van, the World Poker Tournament in Las Vegas & soon to be a major show at The Troubadour in Los Angeles…

I’ve done this all bootstrapped with my Father and I but soon in a few weeks anyone will be allowed to invest in our growing brand on a program called “Start Engine” can’t wait! 

Bridge: What are your goals for the brand in 2022?

Tyler: After our capital raise that is finally going to start here in a few weeks…we are going to start our first official “barrel program” so we can start laying down our own barrels to long term age to 2, 5, 7, 10, 12, 15 years…it’s a really big deal to offer this to bourbon fans & we can’t wait! 

We are also going to launch a rye, a lower proof bourbon (ours currently is a cask strength 117 proof) and a boiler maker beer program with the bourbon. 

Bridge: We need to get Boone’s Bourbon in Nashville ASAP, Bridge Magazine is ready for a taste test! Where all can it be found right now?

Tyler: We are in Nashville, Terah! We are in most stores & soon will be in many bars come early 2022! I started the idea when I lived in Nashville 2015-2016 so Nashville is always a top market for us. I’ll be at the Grand Opening for Total Wine in Brentwood this coming Thanksgiving weekend. Let’s get you some! 

Bridge: I have never been more sure of my decision to live here (laughs)

And on top of ALL OF THAT, you are a well-established artist yourself! What projects do you have coming up?

Tyler: Thank you very much for that. I just had a sold out show at the legendary Hotel Cafe in Hollywood, played Summerfest in Milwaukee & AmericanaFest in Nashville but my next project is a single release with Peter Keys from Lynyrd Skynyrd early next year & soon a new full length record in 2022!

Bridge: Your latest album “Live From Hollywood” premiered on Rolling Stone! Tell us about that project!

Tyler: That album was dope…I recently also released one of the only full-length albums with Jam in the Van and around the same time I released “Live From Hollywood” which premiered via Rolling Stone.

This was a project I recorded live at 3rd Encore in Hollywood for a live streaming festival on “Repeal Day” (the day prohibition ended in 1933) with world acclaimed bourbon writer & enthusiast Fred Minnick last December 5, 2020. Since the live stream & audio was so good, we decided to also release as a dope live album. This was also the 1st time this specific band ever performed live together (Dan Potruch on drums, James Frolio on bass & Mike Mangan on B3 keys) 

Bridge: Is there anything we’re missing?

One cool new project is that Artist Formula is always releasing new artists & compilation albums every week…check it out here:

If you are looking to release with us, no upfront fees! Would love to talk, cheers & thank you again!

There you have it, anything you could possibly need as an artist available all in the same place with some bourbon to boot!

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