Tyler Boone

Tyler Boone is a man of many talents.

We talked with the entrepreneur about making music, bourbon and the best of 2020.

Bridge: Tell the people who you are…

TB: Hi! My name is Tyler Boone and I am a songwriter, entrepreneur & an avid traveler. I’ve been releasing music independently since 2012, my label “Artist Formula” works with all the majors, tons of indies, publishers etc. all over the world…& I also founded my own bourbon label “Homegrown” Boone’s Bourbon that recently won a double gold in the New York International Spirits Awards & named a Top Six bourbon in the world on Forbes! Very grateful to still be working.

Bridge: Impressive! Speaking of “homegrown” you are originally from South Carolina, do you see yourself as more of a country guy or are you more comfortable in the city?

TB: I would say both. There is a balance of when it’s nice to be in the city, walk down the street to grab a coffee, order some postmates to your front door…but then I love to go up in the mountains and get away from cell phone service for a week…I love both worlds.

Bridge: Same here!

So, your first band was called “Redhouse. Was that a nod to Jimmi Hendrix? Did that band help land you on the map as an artist?

TB: WOW! You really did your homework…that was back in 2008 shortly after my father bought me an American Fender Strat for my highschool graduation. I watched Eric Clapton’s “Crossroads” on a DVD my dad bought me and it transformed what music I wanted to start making. “Red House” was a three piece with two friends of mine who we met in Jazz Band in High School (Eric McMichael & John Fletcher.) We rented out a storage unit and that was our hangout everyday after school or work.

We played A LOT and traveled all over…we were super young so we were absolutely nervous but excited to be playing dive bars, old rock music clubs & to start getting our name on the radio & local newspapers. It was really a learning experience. 


Bridge: You were nominated for a Grammy in 2018. As an artist myself with a Grammy dream, what was it like getting that nomination? How did you feel? Where were you when you found out? Details! 

TB: Let me please clarify, I was not nominated for a Grammy in 2018 – my single “Short Skirt, Bare Knees” was “Considered for a Nomination” in the “Rock Song & Rock Performance” category. Big difference but it was still very cool to have my actual name on the ballot and in all retrospect I was probably the only person who voted for myself, but it was very cool. When I release my next big radio single I’ll be sure to submit for a consideration again.

Bridge: Well, excuse me while I go fire my researcher! But I’m sure you weren’t the only vote!

You have an impressive list of artists you have opened for, Old Crow Medicine Show, Sheryl Crow, The Avettt Brothers… Who has been your favorite artist to open for so far, and why?

TB: I have had the opportunity to open up for a lot of amazing artists…it’s hard to share which one is my favorite but most recently Robert Randolph was incredible. We were direct support at Summerfest in Milwaukee. After the show we hung out at the hotel lobby bar until 3 am…so much fun.

Bridge: Ah, I can’t imagine!

Switching gears for a minute. You are also quite the business man, you started Boone’s Bourbon and Artist Formula (which I plan on using). How did those companies come to be? Have you always been interested in branching out?

TB: Thank you so much for mentioning both the Boone’s Bourbon & Artist Formula. Both of these companies were not intentional and they just kinda came to be. Now, they are both an extreme amount of work but very fortunate for both of them coming into my life. The Boone’s Bourbon started when I was living in Nashville 2015-2016 and I finally launched back in my hometown Charleston, SC in 2018. Artist Formula started when I moved back to Charleston in 2017 with one of my best friends Sean Carpenter and it has extremely evolved into a major artist label services company.  It came to fruition as a need for helping other artists and artists like myself to navigate in this digital world our music is now released on. Would love to help out in anyway.


Bridge: Do you have any advice for up and coming artists? Any insight on growing their brand in an oversaturated market?

TB: Get up everyday early, 8 am whatever…treat this as a full-time job. I worked 6 part time jobs while living in Nashville when I was getting this going. It isn’t easy but if you want something more out of it, you’ll always figure it out fi that’s your end goal to start either gaining more fans, more gigs, more exposure etc…you’re the CEO, be passionate about both the business and music side. DIY musicians are crushing it now because of the internet. 

Bridge: Such solid advice, thank you! You have me beat I’m only at 4 jobs currently. There’s not enough time in the day!

It’s hard to talk to artists without addressing the unprecedented year of 2020. What has been the biggest challenge for you this year?

TB: The biggest challenge was what to do with no touring…but we navigated fast to focusing even harder on the internet and fortunately my music career took off during 2020. Everyone is on their devices 24/7 right now and we definitely did our best to take advantage of this. 

Bridge: Very true. It is interesting the shift I am seeing in the industry right now. I don’t necessarily like it, but it’s the new normal.

I’m curious, because you started playing and writing at 16 years old. If you could go back and tell that dude anything, what would it be?

TB:That’s a really cool question…I would tell that kid to enjoy it. Don’t stress about having success, just enjoy it. I miss those days where I had nothing to do but just play my guitar. Being 16, you’re extremely honest & innocent, you just write about different topics & ideas. 

Bridge: And finally, our most telling question, what song would be the soundtrack of your life?

TB: Gotta give it up for Blink-182 “Feeling This” Man…this song got me so into the guitar. 8th grade, the angst was super real back then LMAO.


Connect with Tyler on social media, get you some Boone’s Bourbon and reach out to Artist Formula for all of your needs on the links below!

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